MD 452 Oral Histories Project

Time line and Articles for Student Research

Time lines are a resourceful tool for this unit.  Including a time line in their research paper will keep student organized with information as they read their memoir.  As students read and discover important historical dates within the text, have students research the context of those ideas.  Include those dates on a timeline with a cross reference section for when the character(s) in the novel experienced them.  Students may either include these ideas directly on the time line or in a separate document.  The events used should serve as significant moments in the event and in the author's life.

This time line will serve as a good source for when students begin to formulate interview questions for their oral history interview.
Have student utilize as a simple website for creating timelines.  As students read the memoir and research their topic, they will fill out the time line as they complete the unit. Check out my example below for Tracing the Space Race by CLICKING the timetoast picture to the left.

Students will incorporate a minimum of five relevant and credible primary source document articles (journals, magazines, newspapers, pictures) with their meaningful quotation from the memoir into their research paper.  These primary documents will showcase first hand accounts of the historical event and will show the audience how Americans experienced and thought about these events as they were occurring.  See Primary Source Documents tab for examples and why students should include such documents into their project.