MD 452 Oral Histories Project

Rubrics for Research Paper and Oral History Video

Teachers may use these rubrics however they see fit.  They are designed for both English and Social Studies teachers.  Teachers should take into account different levels of learners and how student expectations may differ.  For instance,  a student may need extended practice for how to effectively research and utilize primary resource documents.  Your library media specialist may want to conduct a mini lesson on how to search for and integrate these documents into their paper.  This unit is meant to be taught after a more formal research unit.  Here, the students are extending this knowledge by blending their personal and formal voices to satisfy the memoir analysis and research components.
     You may incorporate a personal reflection component to this piece of writing if your students do not have enough practice blending formal and personal voices.  However, this unit is designed for a 10th and 11th student population where research units are more likely explored.
     An alternate assignment for students who need more reinforcement in either area of writing (research or memoir), the teacher may decide to limit their options.  For instance, a student may write his or her own memoir about a social, historical, or political issue as they remember it unfolding.  The scope of the writing should be limited to a 5-10 minute time frame to allow for more detailed imagery.

Rubric for Oral History Research Paper (5-6 pages, worth 60 points of project): Click file to download

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Rubric for Oral History Interview (10-12 minute video, worth 40 points of project): Click file to download

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