MD 452 Oral Histories Project

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This website was developed with Social Studies, English and School Library Media Specialists in mind.  In crafting lesson plans in the 21st century, there are certain expectations for teachers to integrate technology into their unit and lesson plans.  This website serves as a model for how to seamlessly blend disciplines together with the help of your library media specialist.

We developed the idea for this project during one of our Graduate courses at Fairfield University.  Our task was to create a technological tool that would invigorate the minds of young adults while encouraging teacher growth in the area of technology.  We recognized our certifications in English and Educational Technology would be the perfect marriage for creating a unit where a class population could explore their interests with the purpose of educating their peers.  We have a shared love for learning about historical events so we thought to include a focus on investigating iconic events in American History.  English and Social Studies teachers would follow the same unit plan, either working independently or collaboratively.  

Students will learn how to create oral histories by using primary documents and their prior knowledge on how to research educative materials relating to a historical or iconic event in American history.  Students are also filtering this knowledge through the writing structure of the memoir to gain different perspectives on the topic.  Students will simultaneously read the memoir while learning new information about the historical event.  Students are applying new knowledge about technology to help them film these interviews and share them with their peers.

If you have any questions about the material, don't hesitate to ask.  Fill out the contact form below and myself or Charles will respond to your question(s) as soon as we can.  Good luck and enjoy the unit!

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This educational webpage was created by Kelly Ferguson and Charles Duff for MD 490.  Both are Graduate students of Fairfield University.  Kelly is certified in Secondary English 7-12 and is a building substitute at Bedford Middle School in Westport, Connecticut..  Charles is getting his Masters inEducational Technology with a specialization in School Library Media.  He currently works as an intern at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Connecticut.